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GO GO Makers Summer Holiday Camps 2023

Summer is well and truly upon us – if you’re looking for a great way to keep your little ones occupied over the school holidays in a fun, safe and wholesome environment then look no further! Our summer holiday club is open to children aged 4-11 years (they must already be in reception at school to attend) across a 5 locations in the Midlands, all Ofsted approved.

At GO GO Makers we make it our mission to offer your child the best possible experience, so that you can go about your day knowing that they are safe and cared for. 

Our playmakers focus on activities that are fun, active, and challenging to help your child gain access to a wide range of new experiences. Their main focus is making sure each child settles in quickly and has everything they need to make the most of the day – especially important for anxious children. Upon arrival they’ll be introduced to the space and asked to put their lunchboxes to the side, and from there it’s NON-STOP FUN

What do children do at GO GO Makers Summer Club?

Children have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, which helps them to develop new interests and skills. We believe in opening up our young minds to new challenges to help broaden their experiences, so we’ll be using themes to inspire and engage. At GO GO Makers, children will try their hand at arts and crafts, performing arts and a variety of sports to draw out those hidden talents. They can also experience STEAM activities to engage their minds in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, in a way that is always exciting and new!

We believe that variety is the spice of life, so each day at our holiday club is designed to follow a theme to ensure we tie all of these fabulous activities together in a way that is memorable.

Holiday Club Themes and Activities this Summer

Each one of our holiday camps has a theme, which helps us to engage the children in a variety of activities and give context and meaning to everything we do. This helps to link one day to the next, so that children access new experiences at their own level and pace.

This summer we’ll be running a different theme each week, covering:

  • Carnival
  • Rainforest
  • Summer
  • Around the World

Children will explore the animal kingdom, the extravagance of carnival, the joy of summer and discover cultural diversity around the world.


We absolutely can’t wait to share this theme with our young GO GO Makers, and have plenty of colourful materials just bursting to be used! We’ll be making masks and headdresses in celebration of summer, and using as many colours as possible in our designs. There may even be feathers for added drama! 

The idea of carnival is to bring people together. It can be enormously empowering to create a costume and wear it with pride, and of course there’s that high impact energy that carnival can invoke! We’ll also be learning carnival skills such as spinning plates, and making flower bands, but of course it’s all about being active and creat. We can’t wait to show parents our wonderful creations!


For our rainforest theme we’ll be exploring the many different types of animals that live together under one canopy. We’ll be moving slowly like a sloth, and imagine being able to change colour like a chameleon… what colour would you choose?

Children will discuss the many birds that live in the rainforest, and the glorious colours they display as well as the more slithery snake. The importance of the rainforest in ecology is all about harmony, so we’ll have some takeaways to help us all look after the planet.

Learning outdoors - every moment is wholesome at GO GO Makers!


What iconic scenes come to mind when you think of summer? We’ll be making lollipops and enjoying the theme of sun, sea and sand on the beach. Of course we’ll have our SPF Sun cream at the ready! 

We’ll be talking about seahorses (did you know that some seahorses are as small as a peanut?) and starfish, looking at how they live. The weird and wonderful animals that live in the sea are so inspiring – we’ll be moving to this summery theme and incorporating these topics into our sports and games too, to make sure we enrich every moment your little ones spend with us.

Outdoor physical activities are both fun and beneficial!

Around the world

Who doesn’t love blossom in the spring! Did you know that in China they have a special festival when they celebrate and share the beauty of cherry blossom? We’ll be making our own cherry blossom trees and discovering the delicate shape of these little flowers.

We’ll then ‘hop’ to Africa to discover life in a tribe and explore the heritage still upheld by so many tribes. We’ll make our own masks and celebrating the use of colour and togetherness through our activities.

A quick ‘jump’ and we’ll be in Australia, looking at the iconic Sydney opera house and using our skills to create our own feats of engineering. Diversity is the spice of life, and we’ll certainly have plenty of that in our Around the World Topic!

HAF Programme at GO GO Makers Holiday Club

If you’re worried about the cost of holiday clubs, the HAF programme may be available to help. Set up in 2018, the programme has become very popular and helps families who receive benefits to help their children access holiday playschemes such as ours, as well as meals during the holidays.

Inclusivity is incredibly important to us at GO GO Makers, so please check your eligibility and apply for the HAF programme if you can. We’ll be happy to support you with the process.

How do you apply for the HAF Programme?

It’s simply to apply – just apply for your HAF code online (see details below) and enter this code when you book your GO GO Makers holiday club dates. Every child with an eligible HAF code can book 16 days or sessions over the school summer holiday free of charge!

Do you live in Warwickshire? Find out eligibility and register for HAF on the Warwickshire County Council website

Do you live in Coventry? Please check eligibility and apply for your code via the City Council website

To find out more, please get in touch.

FUN-PACKED Summer Club Activities

At GO GO Makers we make every moment of the summer holidays count. Each week of the holiday will have its own theme, and these will echo out to all of our sports activities and games. Each activity is designed to benefit your child’s development, to get them moving in new ways or hone their existing skills. 

For the first time EVER, children can experience Fencing as a sport at GO GO Makers with our specially trained instructors, and test their wits in the art of swordplay. We’ll develop respect for each other as we discover our nimble-footed skills and enter a world of imaginative play.

We’ll spend time indoors and outdoors throughout the day, with activities that are designed to help benefit your child’s development in a way that’s different to school. We’ve highlighted just a few of our regular activities below, and you can find out more on our activities page

Playing sports – Sports and games help children’s physical development through improved balance and coordination, agility, and space perception. Children play at their own level and work together to help develop communication skills and teamwork.

Performance – Each of our camps will include an opportunity to learn, rehearse and perform through song, dance, or theatre to build self-belief and confidence in our young minds. Everyone is included, and for those who don’t wish to perform, we make sure they have a role backstage or in costumes.

Arts and Crafts – Children love taking home what they’ve made at holiday club to show off to their families. Our themed crafty activities will often use a variety of materials including recycled items or natural materials to connect arts with nature.

STEAM – Let out your child’s inner scientist, engineer, artist or mathematician with our STEAM activities. Each challenge is designed to inspire through innovation, which can help children access their creative brains. They can also learn to build structures, do experiments, and solve problems together.

Join us for a GO GO Makers Summer Holiday Club near you!

We work hard to make your life as simple as possible. Simply choose from our 5 venues across coventry and Warwickshire, and manage your child’s place fully online via our secure booking system. Our standard day price is £27.95 and extended hours are available.

Benefit from a special introductory price of £22.50 at our newest holiday club venue in Finham, Coventry and look forward to welcoming you to our club. Places will fill up quickly so book early to avoid disappointment! Activities may vary depending on location, so if you have a particular interest do speak to us and we’ll be happy to help you find the best camp location for you.

It’s set to be a hot summer – so please bring a hat and suncream and wear weather appropriate clothes and shoes. We advise trainers as there will be plenty of running around and exploring the outdoors!

Find out more about our Summer Holiday Camps, or click here to Book!

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