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At GO GO Makers our holiday camps are operated in line with Ofsted, giving you reassurance that we deliver our childcare to the highest standard. We have recently been inspected at Priors Field School, Kingsley School and Heathcote and are delighted to share the positive feedback offered by the inspectors in their reports. 

We are proud to have achieved the highest rating ‘Met’ in recent inspections, for quality and high standards of early years provision.


Our Care & Setting

The children were observed by our inspector as ‘excited and eager to take part in activities’, that they cooperated well together and readily engaged in discussions. Children know the importance of ‘Kind hands, kind feet and kind words’ and are aware of the rules that keep them safe. Children at our camps show confidence and self-esteem, and they want to do well.

Children were physically active, on the day of the visit they were learning a new dance routine, as well as having the opportunity to learn skills through team ball games. 

At lunch time children of all ages sit together and enjoy being part of our ‘Healthy Eating Club’, and know not to share lunch. For the activities they are brought into age-groups to ensure they had a chance to practise skills they had learned at school. 

Planned activities helped the children to practise their writing and play creatively, and a wide range of activities both physical, creative and educational were delivered to keep the children engaged.


Our Staff

Our team of staff caring for your children are fully vetted and fully trained to ensure we comply with all welfare and learning development requirements outlined by Ofsted.

At a recent inspection our team who are all fully trained and fully vetted were observed carrying out our robust safeguarding process, involving the following activities:

  • Children’s safety and wellbeing are prioritised
  • Helping children celebrate their achievements 
  • Reminding children to drink regularly
  • Passwords to ensure children are only collected by authorised adults
  • Successfully minimising risks indoors and outdoors
  • Regular head-counts
  • Keen supervision of children
  • Safeguarding best practice for keeping children safe in education (KSIE 2022).

What Ofsted Say about us

“The provider is committed to meeting every child’s individual needs.”

“Children readily engage in discussions… behave well and play cooperatively”

“The activities enable children to practise the skills they are gaining in school, while having great fun in their holiday playscheme.”

“The main emphasis of the club is that children have fun and they have fun together.”

“The provider follows robust processes to check the suitability of staff who work with children.”


The full reports for GO GO Makers provision will be available on the Ofsted Website via the links below:

Kingsley School Osted Report – Achieved ‘Met’ in February 2023

Priors Field School Ofsted Report – Achieved ‘Met’ in February 2023

Briar Hill Ofsted Report – Await inspection

Heathcote Primary School Ofsted Report – Achieved ‘Met’ in June 2023

Finham Primary Ofsted Report – Achieved ‘Met’ in October 2023

We will update this page as we continue to improve and demonstrate our commitment to excellence in childcare. 

Last Updated November 2023.

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