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HAF Programme in Coventry and Warwickshire

HAF Programme in Coventry and Warwickshire

Family life can be a balancing act at the best of times, and even more so if you’re juggling finances. The HAF programme supports families in receipt of certain benefits by providing free childcare and meals during school holidays through your local authority. It does not apply for half term holidays.

GO GO Makers are proud to have been an early member of the HAF programme in Warwickshire, and have broadened our reach to be part of Coventry HAF scheme too.

What is the HAF Programme?

HAF stands for ‘Holiday Activities and Food Programme’ and is aimed at helping families to access childcare and healthy meals during the school holidays over Christmas, Easter and Summer. Set up in 2018, the programme has become very popular, with Warwickshire’s recent review finding that over 5,000 children aged four to sixteen had benefited from free access to holiday playschemes through the scheme. The Coventry HAF Programme has supported over 4,500 children during the 2023 summer holidays alone.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and we’re passionate about pulling together to help families in Warwickshire and Coventry, however possible.

If you’re looking for support via the HAF programme near you, read on.

How does the HAF Programme work?

Funded by the Department for Education, the HAF programme provides eligible children with free access to holiday playschemes and healthy meals during the winter, spring and summer school holidays, it is not available during half term breaks.

To be eligible children must be in full time education, and in receipt of benefits-related free school meals. You can find more information on eligibility for free school meals on the Government website.

Children can access a maximum of 4 sessions in Winter, 4 sessions in Spring, and up to 16 sessions in Summer which can make a huge difference to families who are balancing finances to make ends meet. It means that children can gain access to healthy and nutritious meals, and be cared for in a safe and enriching playscheme.

Parents and Carers can apply for a HAF code from their local council, which can then be used to book on to participating activities.

How do you apply for the HAF Programme?

It’s simply to apply – just apply for your HAF code online (see details below) and enter this code when you book your GO GO Makers holiday club dates. Every child with an eligible HAF code can book up to 24 days or sessions across the year, free of charge! 

GO GO Makers are members of the HAF Programme in Warwickshire, as well as Coventry.

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Request a Warwickshire HAF code:  

Find out about eligibility in Warwickshire, and register for HAF using the online form available via Warwickshire Council website.

Coventry HAF Programme - GO GO Makers

Request a Coventry HAF code:

In Coventry, parents of eligible children would have received this code via the post, with a unique HAF code allocated to each child. If you didn’t receive this code, or would like to check eligibility you can reach out to the programme team via the Coventry HAF webpage

HAF Programme at GO GO Makers Holiday Club

At GO GO Makers we want to bring a smile to every child’s face. Equity and inclusion is incredibly important to us, so please check your eligibility and apply for the HAF programme if you can. Children can attend up to 24 sessions with GO GO Makers across the year, and will receive a nutritious packed lunch as part of the scheme. We’ll be happy to support you with the booking process if you have any questions.

To find out more about how you can use your HAF code with GO GO Makers, please contact us.

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