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GO GO Makers Holiday Camps

GO GO Makers Holiday Camps are for Reception - Year 6 children

(children must be attending Reception at the time of attending Holiday Camp).​

Welcome to GO GO Makers, where we make it our mission to offer fun and wholesome activities during the school holidays. GO GO Makers Holiday camps are for children aged 4 to 11 years – importantly, children aged 4 must already be attending Reception.

We are Ofsted approved and part of the HAF programme to make sure you and your children get the support you need. Our holiday activities are designed to benefit the healthy development of your child in the following ways.

How do our Holiday Activities Benefit your Child’s Development?

  • Mental Health – building self-esteem and confidence
  • Physical Health – fresh air and exercise
  • Social skills – making new friends
  • Cognitive Development – learning new things, such as STEAM activities
  • Fine Motor skills – through arts and crafts


We have a theme for each Holiday Camp, and each of the activities are planned to suit the ages of each group and their development stage. All of our sessions are educational and a lot of fun!

Below is an overview of the activities that take place at our Holiday Camps:



Arts & Crafts sessions enable children to take part in fun, inspirational and creative sessions, designed to engage the imagination and improve fine motor skills. Each day children will make something wonderful to bring home and share with you, to build confidence. The beauty of arts and crafts is that there isn’t a right or wrong way – children can express themselves however they like. 

Our sessions encourage children to contribute to the group, build their self-esteem and show off their creativity.

Steam Club


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics – Our STEAM sessions are so much fun! 

Children will have the opportunity to learn about science, build structures from various materials, take part in challenges, conduct experiments and even make slime. This is so important for a child’s cognitive development, to help them be curious about the world and inventive in their own way. It’s all about building, testing, and learning what’s possible – as well as what isn’t!

We support each group with age appropriate activities and always have lots of fun discovering new things.

Forrest School
Forrest School

Forest School

“type” activities (available at Priors Field Primary School)

Exclusively at Priors Field Primary School, we run our forest school activities which encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature.

Children love exploring in the magical forest, it feels like you are in another World! They  have the opportunity to explore, go on bug hunts, scavenger hunts, build dens and explore with the natural materials that we find. Being outdoors can benefit mental health and offer a calming effect.

Children love being free and exploring during these sessions, they have the opportunity to be creative, and have the option to work with others or be independent if they prefer.  

The forest helps us discover all kinds of things!


Dance / Gymnastics / Musical Theatre

Our dance sessions offer a range of different dance styles from street dance, cheerleading, hip hop, freestyle, movement to music and so much more. It’s a great way to encourage self-expression and shake it all out!

Gymnastics sessions mainly cover floor work (with some apparatus, depending on venue and age groups) which is fantastic for improving your child’s flexibility and strength

In Musical Theatre, sessions cover a mixture of music, singing and drama based on the Camp’s theme. Children love musical theatre and are always engaged. Taking part in any of these sessions is a great way for your child to build confidence and improve their sense of wellbeing whilst having fun. Multi Sports and Dance are run by qualified coaches to inspire, encourage and support at every level.



t’s important for children to experience a wide range of sports to aid their physical development and let them blow off steam in a way that’s fun and safe. Each of our sports sessions starts with a fun warm up, followed by a skill-based sports session.

Taking part in a range of sports is a great way for your child to build confidence and improve their wellbeing. Sports might include:- Dodgeball, Cricket, “Howler” Javelin, Football friendlies, Rounders, Cricket, PLUS many more organised sporting activities.

These sports have been selected to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, resilience and social skills. It’s amazing how much you can benefit from being active!

Archery icon


Archery can help build confidence and self-esteem by learning new skills and helping each other. As children practise their Archery skills more, they will be able to challenge themselves to shoot from a further distance. It’s about doing their best and we’re often amazed at the accuracy our young archers can achieve!

Children are coached in how to aim at different distances and learn to respect each other’s safety. In turn they learn self-discipline and control.

Archery is available at selected venues.



GO GO Makers children love to be centre stage! But don’t worry, if you don’t want to show the audience any talents, tricks or skills then you can be a part of the audience and enjoy the show! Talent Shows are seasonal and follow the theme of the holiday camp. They are a great way for children to express themselves and push their own boundaries in a safe space. 

We always celebrate our achievements – which for some can include simply ‘taking part’.

Treasure hunt
Treasure hunt


X marks the spot! We love a Treasure Hunt at Go Go Makers! Children will work together to find clues and work them out, explore their surroundings and find their reward! It’s a fun way to get them thinking, moving and helping each other.

Due to the seasonal nature of Treasure Hunts they are not always part of the day, but can offer a great way for children to play as a team and build problem-solving skills.

Football Camp at GO GO Makers - group
Football Camp - coming soon


Our exciting and unique football program incorporates main techniques such as shooting, passing, dribbling, attacking, and receiving the ball. Furthermore, it does so through a variety of fun and engaging games.

As well as the above, children will not only develop new skills but they will gain confidence, build their self-esteem and make friendships that could last a lifetime!

At the end of the day, children will be a part of “GO GO Makers Superstar Awards” ceremony, a time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements for the day.


Additional information

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for all of the this activities throughout the day and for all weather conditions.

You must provide a packed lunch, two snacks and a drink

Mobile Phones – Children’s mobile phones are not permitted at Camp. If there is an agreement with the Manager where your child is permitted to bring a phone with them, please inform us and we will keep this locked away safely.

In the warmer months, your child should bring their own sun cream, which they must apply themselves.

GO GO Makers is a nut free club so please do not send your child with anything containing nuts to Camp. Our staff are also EpiPen trained for your peace of mind. 

We are a healthy eating club so please be mindful of this whilst preparing the food for Camp (see our suggestions for healthy lunches in our information pack that you will receive when you make your booking).