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Holiday Camp


GO GO Makers Holiday Camps
GO GO Makers Holiday Camps are for Reception - Year 6 children
(children must be attending Reception at the time of attending Holiday Camp).​

We have a theme for each Holiday Camp, and each of the activities are planned to suit the ages of each group and their development stage. All of our sessions are educational and a lot of fun!

Below is an overview of the activities that take place at our Holiday Camps:



Our Arts & Crafts sessions offer children the opportunity to be part of fun, educational and creative sessions. Each day children will make something amazing and different to bring home. Our sessions encourage children to contribute to the session, build their confidence and show their creativeness.
Steam Club


Science, Technology. Engineering, Art & Mathematics – Our STEAM sessions are so much fun! Children will have the opportunity to learn new things, learn about science, build structures from various materials, challenges, erupting experiments, make slime and much more!
Forrest School
Forrest School

Forest School

“type” activities (available at Priors Field Primary School)

Children love exploring in the magical forest School, it feels like you are in another World! Children will have the opportunity to explore, go no bug hunts, scavenger hunts, build dens, explore with the nature materials that we find and so much more! Children love being free and exploring during these sessions, they have the opportunity to be creative, work with others (or be independent) and have lots of fun!


Dance/Gymnastics/Musical Theatre

Our dance offers your child to experience a range of different dance styles from street dance, cheerleading, hip hop, freestyle, movement to music and so much more. Gymnastics covers mainly floor work (with some apparatus, depending on venue and age groups) and is a fantastic session for building on a child’s flexibility and strength. In Musical Theatre the sessions covers a mixture of music, singing and drama. The session is based around the Camp’s theme, each and every child loves this session and are always engaged. Taking part in any of these sessions is a great way for your child to build confidence and improve their wellbeing, flexibility, strength whilst having fun. Multi Sports and Dance are run by qualified coaches.


Our Sports session offer your child the chance to experience a range of sports in a fun filled way. Children will take part in fun warm up, technical sessions and small team games and competitions.

Taking part in a range of sports is a great way for your child to build confidence and improve their wellbeing. Sports include:- Football, Dodgeball, Cricket, “Howler” Javelin, Rounders, Cricket, plus many more organised sporting activities.

Multi Sports and Dance are run by qualified coaches.

Archery icon


Your child will get the opportunity to do Archery at our Holiday Camp. Archery can help build confidence and self-esteem. As children practice their Archery skills more, they will be able to challenge themselves to shoot from a further distance. Archery is lots of fun! (at selected venues)
Frisbee Golf


Frisbee Golf allows children to learn a new arm movement that other sports don’t! Children will develop their critical thinking skills as a lot of thought goes behind the throwing of the frisbee! Number skills are put into practice as children need to count up their frisbee score. A fun and exciting activity for all. (Summer months)


GO GO Makers children love to be centre stage! But don’t worry, if you don’t want to show the audience any talents, tricks or skills then you can be a part of the audience and enjoy the show!
Treasure hunt
Treasure hunt


X marks the spot! We love a Treasure Hunt at Go Go Makers! Watching the children work out clues, explore and find results is fantastic!

(The above list of activities might vary at any time)


Additional information

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for all of the this activities throughout the day and for all weather conditions.

You must provide a packed lunch, two snacks and a drink

Mobile Phones – Children’s mobile phones are not permitted at Camp. If there is an agreement with the Manager where your child is permitted to bring a phone with them, please inform us and we will keep this locked away safely.

In the warmer months, your child should bring their own sun cream, which they must apply themselves.

GO GO Makers is a nut free club so please do not send your child with anything containing nuts to Camp.

We are a healthy eating club so please be mindful of this whilst preparing the food for Camp (see our suggestions for healthy lunches in our information pack that you will receive when you make your booking).